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Heal your pain physically, mentally, and spiritually  TODAY.


About Me

After spending years as a professional magician, I asked spirit "How can I make my magic more useful to help humanity?"  Then I got introduced to this magic magic box and this program.  Now instead of producing rabbits, I produce healing experiences.

How Bio-Feedback works.

When we are stressed by an injury or a disease in our physical, mental, or spiritual bodies; these areas vibrate at the wrong frequency.  Quantum Bio-Feedback send a subtle but powerful signal to these areas bringing them back into homeostasis.  This allows the body to heal itself.  Over several sessions we train the body to vibrate at its' optimum frequency for better health, well-being, and a happier life.  Our clients find their sessions to be relaxing, non-invasive and quite enjoyable. 

Bio-feedback sessions can be performed in person or virtually due the quantum field that I use.  

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"


My Treatments

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One on One Bio Feedback Session

Together we discuss your needs and concerns.  Then we do the biofeedback test and training session.  I call it a training because the Quantum Biofeedback device trains your body to relieve the stress that causes pain and dis-ease.  By relieving this stress we allow space for the body to do what it naturally does and heal itself.  Bringing you back into homeostasis.  The test asks your body over ten thousand questions so we get a very compete readout of your present state. 

Long Distance Bio Feedback Session

In the world of Quantum Physics there is no time or space.  That is why I use this Quantum Biofeedback device.  It sets up a quantum field allowing me to session with you remotely.  The Academy of Quantum Biofeedback did a study showing that it made little to no difference if the client was in the office or not.   They still experienced the same relief.

Energy and Chakra Cleanse

Are you feeling energetically or spiritually worn out?  Are you feeling like some other energy is attacking or stealing your energy?   Quantum Bio-feedback can help.  By clearing your energetic field of unwanted "intruders" and balancing your chakra system and the ten levels of your auric field , our clients have reported experiencing a feeling of relief, spiritual and energetic upliftment.



"One thing that really fascinated me about biofeedback is the level of detail it can share about what is going on for me physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Working with Mitch is very easy because he cares, is kind, and will dedicate his presence and time to serving you well"



Quantum BioFeedback is meant to enhance your healing.  We never want you to stop taking your medications or resist the advice of your medical doctor or specialist.

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